Roof Lights

Roof Lights

The roof lights on an industrial and commercial property may have a life span of 15 years. After that time they become brittle and discolour, limiting the amount of light passing through to virtually nothing.  It is recommended they be replaced at this stage to allow the maximum amount of light into the building. Having the roof lights replaced will enhance your working environment and also lower the electricity costs.

Trenova also offer the customer a restoring  service of cleaning and applying a specialised coating to aged roof lights, which bring them up to a better standard where replacement is not an option.

Just the simple process of cleaning roof-lights can alter the working conditions and improve natural light inside a commercial or industrial property for your employees and customers.

Trenova Roofing and Waterproofing also undertake repair and remedial works, replacing missing or damaged roof/cladding panels and roof lights. We can also provide general maintenance undertaking cleaning and repair or replace to most roof applications.

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