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Liquid Roofing Systems

Whether it is commercial or industrial building, the flat roofing systems will eventually become damaged and fail due to general wear and tear, ageing, sunlight damage, and movement caused by expansion and contraction. Liquid waterproofing is a brilliant solution used by Trenova Roofing contractors, to extend the life of roofs by treating and coating them with a liquid system that gives the customer no business downtime due to not stripping the existing roof. It costs less than re-roofing and does not have the ongoing cost of expensive repairs due to the FIFTEEN TO TWENTY FIVE year guarantee. However, it is important that the roof is structurally sound prior to applying the liquid system.

Trenova Roofing Contractors offer a cost-efficient and very effective liquid roofing systems to cover existing Flat Roofs and Pitched roofs and extend the life of commercial and industrial roofs in England and Wales. Our liquid roofing systems are specially formulated to protect the roof from damaging affects of the environment and the weather such as water, wind, ice and UV and UV light. We offer a variety of different roof coating technologies and options such as silicone, acrylic, and polyurethanes to meet different building and budgetary needs of our clients. These fantastic liquid roofing systems consist of various components that come together and form a fully adhered, self-flashing, and seamless membrane that protects the integrity of the roof as well as the overall structure of the property.


Fundamentally speaking, liquid roofing is the totally waterproof covering for existing roofs whether they are flat or pitched. The roof is prepared, then coated with a liquid RUBBERY plastic that forms a membrane over the roof. One of the advantages of liquid roofing is that the coating not only makes the roof totally waterproof but it can be applied in very low temperatures. From the first application, the roof becomes watertight and prevents water from being absorbed and seeping in through the original roof. The membrane lasts for decades and can be re-applied after that time with minimal preparation. This really is a dependable and durable waterproofing option.


Liquid roofing systems are highly cost-effective and can be used in place of many extensive replacements or costly repairs. It can also be used on a particular area of the roof or to coat the entire roof according to the requirements of the client. This prevents any wastage of funds on excess material while ensuring effective repair and maintenance of the roof. Due to the simple nature of liquid roofing systems, it can be carried out without any disturbance or disruptions for the inhabitants of the property or impacting the revenue of the company.

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