Lap/Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Trenova Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion or peel back to commercial and industrial roof cladding sheets is the sign of an ageing or failing factory coating system. 

The essential use of edge lap treatment stops the rust corrosion, therefore prolonging the life of the existing roof cladding sheets resulting in no water ingress, less future costly maintenance, and no down time to your business. 

Peel back is an almost inevitable defect on a metal profile roof and is often exempt from guarantee, early detection of peel back and corrosion is therefore vital to avoid costly roof sheet replacement

Treating Cut Edge Protection

  • Removal of all loose delaminating coating or “plastisol” by high pressure jet washer and remove loose paint and rust.
  • Coat the edge of the sheet lap a minimum of 5cm, coat the bolts and any other fixings in the line with a rust inhibiter.
  • Apply polyurethane coat to finish.
  • Avoiding early roof sheet replacement.
  • An essential long term repair system.

For more information regarding cut edge corrosion and treatment please contact Trenova Roofing and waterproofing for Cut Edge Protection.

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