Gutter Lining

Gutter Lining

Trenova Roofing Contractors are the experts when it comes to professional gutter lining services throughout England and Wales. Guttering, much like any other part of the property, whether it is an office block, an industrial building, commercial buildings or a residential home (finlock gutters), are susceptible to blockage, damage and wear and tear. Most commercial and industrial gutters fail at joins, where they have been bolted together at point of construction. Expansion and contraction aid the failure in the seal system originally used, meaning the join is open to water ingress. Other problems are decaying gutters that have not been well maintained. Experts agree that internal gutters are probably the weakest part of the roof and the building and can compromise the structural integrity of the property. Gutters become damaged by various elements such as standing water due to a zero degree pitch (no fall) to outlets or downpipes, debris blocking outlets, broken outlets or water ingress due to not enough outlets for the removal of rainwater.

Most commercial and industrial gutters are constructed using steel gutters, concrete guttering and even asbestos cement guttering, but they are no longer effective at withstanding various environmental elements.

Trenova Roofing Contractors offers an alternative gutter repair system that is far more effective in the form of gutter lining. The lining works around existing guttering installations and supports them by creating an impermeable layer. Gutter lining can be customised according to the type of guttering on your property.


Trenova Roofing Contractors offers a comprehensive list of guttering services for all commercial, industrial, and residential clients, including:

  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Gutter renewal and repairs
  • Gutter repair with  larger weir outlet installation
  • Leak and overflow prevention Waterproofing
  • Gutter lining and relining

Whatever issues you might have with your roof gutters, Trenova Roofing can provide the perfect solution for your property with the help of our trained and skilled team of roofing and guttering experts in England and Wales!

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