Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing

Many properties in the UK are constructed with a flat roof due to planning regulations and it being cost-effective compared to other roofing material substrates. A typical traditional flat roof in the UK will usually have a fifteen to twenty year lifespan. The failing of traditional bitumen felt flat roofs is mostly caused by joins in the material. Every metre width is a join that will eventually fail. However, there are some fantastic flat roofing materials available today that have a fifty year lifespan and a guarantee of twenty years.

Modern flat roofs are highly practical and easy to maintain with ease of access for contractors when maintenance works are needed. Though in the UK most are flat with no, or very little slope/fall some have a slight pitch, which allows the water to flow off the roof and into the gutter systems. They are also durable and designed to endure the harsh elements of weather. Modern flat roofs are very versatile, and you can choose from a range of quality materials and techniques according to your property needs. One of the best advantages of flat roofs is that you can utilise the extra space for solar panels or any electrical units that take up too much of buildings  interior space.

At Trenova Roofing Contractors, we offer numerous solutions to our clients for any type of flat roof. Whether you want a full strip of existing and re-roof or an overlay of the existing roof. We offer comprehensive services for all your flat roof needs. We also offer fast installation and numerous cost effective roofing materials. Our flat roofing options are ideal for commercial and residential properties in England and Wales that are looking for reliable and long-term roofing results with a guarantee.  


Trenova Roofing Contractors only uses top quality materials, equipment, and techniques to achieve the best possible results with fantastic durability, quality, and aesthetics for any roofing project. Our team are knowledgeable in the latest materials for flat roofs and utilises thermally efficient materials for exceptional insulation and energy-efficient roofs. We also use the highest quality single ply membranes due to their flexibility, durability, and resistance to fire, micro-organisms, and UV rays.

Materials used includes:

  • Bituminus Felt systems
  • EPDM Rubber systems
  • Liquid waterproof coating systems


Our team includes some of the best flat roofing operatives in England and Wales to ensure each roofing project is completed with maximum efficiency and exceptional results. Our flat roofing solutions are available for all commercial and industrial properties of any size.

Our team utilises intelligent solutions for the repair and maintenance of flat roofing systems according to our clients’ needs and budget. Trenova are always happy to assist our clients regarding any queries for flat roofing for their property to help them make the best choice! 

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