Commercial Roof Maintenance

At Trenova, we have over 35 years experience in the roofing industry.  Located close to the major motorway networks, ideally situated to serve customers across the UK.

In addition to gutter lining, asbestos roof repair/over cladding, flat roofing and waterproof liquid coatings, we undertake maintenance programmes on all Commercial and Industrial roofs. 

We also offer various cleaning methods to roofs and facades. including:

Gutter clearance and removing of Debris

Regular cleaning of your gutters reduces the level of standing water and vegetation growth, a preventative method against rust taking hold, premises flooding and gutters overflowing. We find most failure of commercial roofs start from the gutters due to lack of maintenance.  It is highly recommended that gutter cleaning is undertaken on an annual basis.

Roof Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your commercial/industrial roof is a highly effective method of prolonging the life of your building, early detection of any damage or potential leaks can be dealt with immediately, reducing large costs and damage to your business.

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