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We provide a wide range of roofing repair services with an emphasis on minimising business interruption, saving you money, and preserving the value of your asset as experts in commercial roof repairs.

We provide specialised repair and maintenance services. Our trustworthy  crew set benchmarks for consistency, speed, and safety while working throughout England and Wales.

Keeping your business running and leaving a good, lasting impression on your clients depend on having a clean, well-maintained, and operational premises. Therefore, you can be confident that we’ll be operating dependably and with your brand’s reputation firmly in mind.


Trenova Roofing Contractors have vast knowledge and experience in the disciplines advertised.

Skilled personnel

Fast reliable service

Quality materials


All of the aforementioned services can be installed by Trenova Roofing contractors because of their vast knowledge and experience in the disciplines advertised. Choosing us also has the benefit of our reputation as one of the best roof maintenance companies in the England and Wales. Our roofers have received substantial training in the services stated, in order to provide the best in services stated.