Trenova Roofing Contractors have vast knowledge and experience in the disciplines advertised.

Skilled personnel

Fast reliable service

Quality materials


All of the aforementioned services can be installed by Trenova Roofing contractors because of their vast knowledge and experience in the disciplines advertised. Choosing us also has the benefit of our reputation as one of the best roof maintenance companies in England and Wales. Our roofers have received substantial training in the services stated, in order to provide the best services offered.

our services

Flat Roofing

At Trenova Roofing Contractors, we offer numerous solutions to our clients for any type of flat roof. Whether you want a full strip of existing and re-roof or an overlay of the existing roof. We offer comprehensive services for all your flat roof needs. We also offer fast installation and numerous options for materials along with cost-efficient roofing materials.

Gutter Lining

Trenova Roofing Contractors offers an alternative repair that is far more effective in the form of gutter lining. The lining works around existing guttering installations and supports them by creating an impermeable layer. Gutter lining can be customised according to the type of guttering on your property and can fit around
them seamlessly as a continuous roll of membrane.

Roof Maintenance

At Trenova we have over 35 years experience in the roofing industry. Located close to the major motorway networks, ideally situated to serve customers across the UK.

We undertake maintenance programmes on all
Commercial and Industrial roofs.

What We Do

As experts in commercial and industrial roof repairs, We provide a wide range of roofing repair services with an emphasis on minimising business interruption, saving you money and preserving the value of your asset.

We provide specialised services ranging from roof repair and maintenance to jet washing facades, Gutter linings and clearing industrial gutters of debris. Rooflight replacement, flat roofing, liquid protective coatings, and others. Our trustworthy, in-house crew sets benchmarks for consistency, punctuality and safety while working throughout the UK.

Keeping your business running and leaving a good, lasting impression on your clients depend on having a clean, well-maintained, and operational premises. Therefore, you can be confident that we’ll be operating professionally and with your brand’s reputation firmly in mind.

Five reasons why Trenova Roofing provides an altogether better service.

Altogether better
We’ve consolidated all of our offerings into one point of contact. Dealing with numerous contractors is no longer necessary—just one crew on one site providing all you require.

National coverage
A better service is implied by better coverage. We endeavour to service all customers in all parts of  England and Wales all year round.

Men at Work
During works, onsite is where our team will be. No skipping between jobs and delaying works. The speedier the works are completed, the happier the customer.

Safety First
The only option is the safest one. The highest standards are upheld by our knowledgeable, talented team and safety and openness are ingrained in all we do.

Transparency matters
Because of this, we deliver accurate and timely reports at every stage of the project, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that everything has been completed. And we make use of these reports to keep raising the bar on quality and efficiency.

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